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Our Work

What Drives Us

Throughout its history, the Portland Development Commission has brought public and private resources together to address what matters to Portland residents and businesses, from place-making and quality of life to job creation and economic opportunity.

PDC's mission is to create economic growth and opportunity for Portland. 

The agency’s values—Love Portland, Make a Difference, Do Excellent Work, Build Partnerships, Advance Equity, Honor the Public Trust, Innovate—are the foundation for PDC’s work, as it makes good on its commitments, shapes its future course, works with partners and redefines its business model. 

As Portland’s urban renewal and economic development agency, PDC is pursuing a strategy to make Portland one of the most globally competitive, equitable, and healthy cities in the world.

To that end, PDC’s 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, adopted by the Board in 2015, directs our efforts and investments toward five objectives designed to achieve more widely shared prosperity among all residents of Portland.

  • Create Healthy, Complete Neighborhoods throughout Portland
  • Create Access to High Quality Employment for Portland Residents
  • Foster Wealth Creation within Communities of Color and Low-Income Neighborhoods
  • Form 21st Century Civic Networks, Institutions, and Partnerships
  • Operate an Equitable, Innovative, and Financially Sustainable Agency