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Our Work

What Drives Us

The Portland Development Commission focuses on what matters to Portland: job creation, economic vitality, collaboration and partnership, responsible stewardship of public funds. As Portland’s urban renewal and economic development agency, PDC is pursuing an aggressive strategy to create the most sustainable economy in the world.

Internally, PDC’s 2010-2014 Strategic Plan, adopted by the Board in 2010 and updated in 2011, guides our performance around five key goals and provides context for the deployment of staff time and budget resources. The urgent need for targeted financial assistance, strategic partnerships and a sharpened focus on projects that advance economic goals for the city are cornerstones of our efforts.

  • Strong Economic Growth and Competitiveness
  • Social Equity
  • Healthy Neighborhoods
  • A Vibrant Central City
  • Effective Stewardship over our Resources and Operations, and Employee Investment