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River District URA: Overview

The River District Urban Renewal Area focuses on the creation of a high density urban residential neighborhood with a mix of multi-family housing, major office facilities, regional attractions, retail businesses, parks and open space. The development of a diverse and affordable inventory of housing, support for the creation of a self-sufficient neighborhood, linkages with adjacent neighborhoods and the Willamette River, and the balance of new development with existing structures are among the key objectives.


  • Generate new private investment and improve the tax base on vacant and underutilized land by developing a wide range of new housing units, new commercial opportunities and open space
  • Foster a "24-hour" city environment for residents, visitors, and employees

Public investment is focused on job creation and employment opportunities. Expansion of the River District boundaries in 2009 included portions of Old Town/Chinatown to help meet community goals and objectives for the area.