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North Macadam URA: Current Projects

OHSU Schnitzer Campus
This 20-acre property was donated by the Schnitzer family to OHSU in 2004 and presents an opportunity for future OHSU campus expansion. Initial concepts for usage revolve around a model education center featuring collaborative learning opportunities for students in multiple disciplines: nursing, medical, dental and engineering. Phase 1 of the development of this campus will be the OHSU/Oregon University System Life Sciences Center, an inter-institutional collaboration between consortium of 5 universities (OHSU, PSU, Oregon State University, University of Oregon, and Oregon Institute of Technology), with instructional and research facilities for bioscience, medical device/diagnostics, biology and chemistry instruction, and medical and pharmacy faculty. The Center is estimated to cost between $170 million and $200 million for an approximately 300,000-square-foot building.

This 33-acre site is home to headquarters of Zidell Companies, and to Zidell Marine Corporation’s active barge building operations. The site has been owned by the Zidell family since the 1920s and was formerly used for ship dismantling and other industrial uses. This property represents a significant development opportunity, and PDC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ZRZ to pursue predevelopment activities, including site clean up and development feasibility analysis. The goal of the MOU is to outline partnership expectations during negotiation of a binding Development Agreement.

Portland-Milwaukie Lightrail
This new 7.3-mile light rail line between Portland and Clackamas County includes new stations along the line in Portland, Milwaukie, and Clackamas County. The Portland-Milwaukie line will carry an estimated 27,400 daily trips by 2030; reduce vehicle trips each weekday by more than 60,000 vehicle miles; and improve travel time between Milwaukie and the South Waterfront area. The URA match of $10 million leverages the project’s $1.4 billion cost and is anticipated in 2012. In 2010, the Bureau of Transportation was awarded $23 million of federal funds to assist with permanent improvements on SW Moody Avenue and to occur concurrent with light rail construction.

PDC facilitated Portland State University’s acquisition of the 4-acre Doubletree site from Red Lion Inns in March 2004 in order to provide: housing for students, faculty and staff, conference facilities, academic uses, retail and parking. The goal was to create a dense mixed use learning-living village. In the Disposition and Development Agreement between PDC and PSU, PSU agreed to make space available for up to 150 affordable units (rental or ownership) to households at 51-80% of median family income.

Harbor/Naito Properties
This site has been considered as a potential future affordable housing site within the URA and the Harbor/Naito development area. The Portland-Milwaukie light rail alignment will transect this site at SW Lincoln.

Riverplace Parcel 3
Parcel 3 is located southwest of Parcel 8 and is adjacent to the Pacific Power & Light substation to the south. This site is environmentally impacted and clean-up will occur during site excavation for redevelopment. The site is currently leased for construction staging and will support staging for the Bureau of Transportation’s Moody Street project. PDC has completed predevelopment activities on this site in order to ready it for disposition following negotiations of a Disposition and Development Agreement. In the past, the site has been discussed for development with a neighborhood grocery and housing.

Riverplace Parcel 8
Parcel 8 is one of PDC’s two remaining undeveloped parcels in RiverPlace. A $200,000 EPA Brownfields Clean-up grant was awarded to PDC to assist with environmental clean-up costs. The clean-up work associated with this grant was completed in 2007.

South Portal
PDC in partnership with PBOT is undertaking a collaborative public/private stakeholder process to help refine the South Portal Conceptual Design; inform the Portland to Lake Oswego Streetcar project as it advances into the Final Environmental Impact Phase (FEIS); and provide a study to guide public infrastructure needs as development in the South Portal area progresses. The South Portal area covers the south end of the South Waterfront District (SW Bancroft, SW Moody, SW Bond, and SW Macadam Avenues). The study will also identify potential development parcels within and adjacent to the project boundary and evaluate market and resource potential.