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Lents URA: Overview

With the completion of the Outer Southeast Community Plan, the Lents Neighborhood Plan, and the Lents Revitalization Plan, community stakeholders worked together to craft short and long-term objectives for public and private partners to guide an ambitious and comprehensive neighborhood development agenda. As a designated "Town Center," the future of Lents is also an important component of the Metro 2040 Framework Plan.

In September 1998, the City Council established the Lents Town Center Urban Renewal Area (LTCURA), the first of three neighborhood URAs in the span of four years, in order to accomplish community goals. These include generation of new family wage jobs, assistance to new and existing businesses, improvements to local infrastructure such as streets and parks, improvements to existing housing and new housing construction. Implementation of the plan began in fiscal year 1999-2000. A 2008 amendment to the plan expanded boundaries by 140.05 acres, increased maximum indebtedness by $170 million and extended the expiration date to June 30, 2020.

For more information on the expansion of the Lents Town Center Urban Renewal Area, see our Future of Urban Renewal web site.

In 2010, PDC established the Neighborhood Economic Development Strategy, which now serves as a guide for Lents Town Center URA objectives.


  • Assist in fulfilling community goals - as outlined in the URA Plan (1998)- to facilitate the emergence of Lents as a key Town Center within the metro region.
  • Provide support for the revitalization of commercial and residential areas in and near Lents.
  • Stimulate business development and private investment in commercial corridors. 
  • Provide increased opportunities for residents to compete for new quality jobs . 
  • Develop community-based partnerships to implement the Neighborhood Economic Development Strategy