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Foster-Lents Integration Partnership

The Foster-Lents Integration Partnership is a collaboration among public agencies, community groups and non-profit partners working together to improve economic, environmental, and social conditions in the Lents, Foster-Powell, Mount Scott-Arleta, and Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhoods. The Partnership will develop the Foster Corridor Investment Strategy which is a coordinated, prioritized, and implementable set of actions for the Foster Corridor from SE 52nd Avenue to SE 122nd Avenue. This project will develop a sustainable infrastructure and neighborhood-based job creation strategy to guide stakeholders and investors, that:

  • Respects the views and values of residents and businesses;
  • Identifies immediate projects and partners to create jobs and revitalize the Foster Corridor, and;
  • Leverages private sector investment.

Potential Types of Projects

Project Budget

Funder Source  Budget 
PDC Tax Increment Financing $50,000
BES Capital Improvement Fund $50,000
Metro Community Planning Grant $250,000


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Foster Green EcoDistrict

Project Documents

  1. FLIP - 2012-06-27 FCIS Open House 1 Survey ,
  2. FLIP - 2012-06-27 FLIP Open House Overview ,
  3. FLIP - 2012-06-27 Nelson Nygaard Foster Map 1 DRAFT ,
  4. FLIP - 2012-06-27 Nelson Nygaard Foster Map 2 DRAFT ,
  5. FLIP - 2012-06-27 Nelson Nygaard Foster Map 3 DRAFT ,
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Kevin A. Cronin, Project Manager
503-823-3305 or email
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