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Interstate URA: Overview

At 3,990 acres, the Interstate Corridor Urban Renewal Area (ICURA) is Portland's largest urban renewal area. It includes a diverse collection of historic communities in north and northeast Portland, composed of older residential neighborhoods interconnected by commercial corridors, with large- scale industrial centers.

In August 2000, the Portland City Council approved the Interstate Corridor Urban Renewal Area Plan (2000). In July 2011, City Council approved the Amended and Restated ICURA Plan, expanding the boundaries of the URA along Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Alberta, Killingsworth, Lombard and the St. Johns Town Center.


The URA was formed to accomplish multiple goals:

  • Spur mixed-use development along the light rail corridor and station areas while distributing public investment fairly and evenly among other areas within the district.
  • Create new employment and housing opportunities for a range of incomes as well as for existing residents.
  • Develop new housing that supports transit, is compatible with the existing neighborhood, strikes a balance between homeownership and rental, and minimizes displacement of existing residents.
  • Create wealth through expansion of existing businesses, fostering a healthy business environment, and generating family wage jobs.
  • Improve transportation corridors to encourage the use of alternative modes of travel, maintain and improve access, create a pedestrian-friendly environment, and mitigate traffic impacts associated with new growth.
  • Promote community livability through strategic improvements to parks, open space, trails, historic and cultural resources, and community facilities.