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Gateway URA: Overview

The Gateway Regional Center urban renewal area effort is a collaboration between the Gateway community and the City of Portland to guide future growth anticipated by the Metro 2040 Growth Concept.

By 2015, the Gateway Regional Center is projected to be one of the most accessible locations in the Portland metropolitan area due to its superior transportation system: adjacent to two interstate freeways, light rail transit to downtown, the airport, Gresham and Clackamas Town Center.

In February 2000, the Opportunity Gateway Concept Plan and Redevelopment Strategy was accepted by the Portland Development Commission and the City Council. Developed by the community, the plan envisions upgrades to the transportation and open space networks in Gateway, as well as new housing, employment and public institutions such as an education and/or arts center.

To fulfill the Concept Plan, the City Council approved the Gateway Regional Center Urban Renewal Plan in June 2001. This established the Regional Center as a tax increment district capable of financing up to $164 million for public improvements over 20 years.


  • Transform Gateway district into a Regional Center with enhanced housing, employment, recreational and cultural opportunities for east Portlanders.
  • Implement projects that embody the concepts established by the Opportunity Gateway Concept Plan and Redevelopment Strategy.
  • Create public spaces, transportation and pedestrian improvements, and projects to enhance Gateway's viability as a livable center of activity.
  • Create a character for the district to make it identifiable as a special and distinct place. 
  • Encourage public and private investment that is consistent with the values and aspirations of the Gateway community.
  • Continually raise the level of informed participation among those interested in Gateway's redevelopment.