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The Gateway Action Plan

The City of Portland and the Portland Development Commission have long been committed to realizing the aspirations of the Gateway Regional Center. However, despite significant public investments over the last 16 years the Gateway area has experienced limited private redevelopment, and the Gateway Urban Renewal Area (URA) has generated only modest financial resources with which to invest.

With the Gateway URA set to expire in June 2022, community ambitions remain focused on creating a vibrant, mixed-use regional center. The Gateway Five Year Action Plan provides a holistic strategy to focus public resources and investment and address regulatory and financing issues to attract employment, housing and commercial activity that will benefit and serve the residents of east Portland long after the URA has expired.

The Gateway Action Plan takes a geographic approach and intentionally directs investment in tailored ways into three areas within the Gateway URA: the Halsey/Weidler Business District, Gateway Transit Center and Central Gateway. These areas are at various stages of development readiness, and actions are designed to identify near term activities that best suit the unique qualities of each area.

The majority of tax increment resources will be dedicated to the Halsey/ Weidler Business District, which has great potential for re-establishing its role in the community as a vibrant, commercial main street district. It includes a unique mixture of locally owned businesses and neighborhood amenities and provides the physical framework for an active, lively and walkable district.

In October 2014, the PDC adopted the Halsey/Weidler Investment Strategy with the objective of implementing infrastructure improvements, exploring development opportunities and investing in public amenities to achieve visible results and catalyze future private investment. The Gateway Action Plan builds upon PDC’s strategic work and provides resources and actions to further support District activities.