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Central Eastside URA: Overview

The Central Eastside Urban Renewal Area is located along the eastbank of the Willamette River. Its diverse industrial base includes warehouse, distribution and manufacturing throughout the area, with retail primarily concentrated along arterial streets (Martin Luther King Jr., Grand, Burnside, Belmont, Hawthorne and Powell). The district is considered a key employment center for the Central City, and urban renewal efforts are focused on creating and maintaining jobs in the area through business development assistance and redevelopment financing.

CES URA Plan Goals & Objectives

  • Encourage expanded opportunities for housing and jobs while retaining the character of established residential, neighborhood and business centers. 
    • Promote urban diversity by encouraging a range of employment opportunities and living environments to attract and retain a stable and diversified population.
    • Encourage full use of vacant land, except in those areas designated as open space.
    • Coordinate with and support goals of adjacent URAs.
  • Improve the level, distribution and stability of jobs and income for resident industry, businesses and people.
    • Foster a public/private partnership for development responsive to the economic needs of Portland's businesses and residents.
    • Encourage long-term employment opportunities that enhance broad vocational and income opportunities, decrease unemployment, and increase the disposable income of City residents.
    • Encourage business and industrial district organizations that help meet the City's economic development objectives and are compatible with neighborhood livability.
    • Keep Portland competitive with other regional and national centers by encouraging existing business to remain and expand and proactively attracting new business and industry.
  • Enhance the Central Eastside as a close-in job center featuring a diverse industrial base with compatible, supportive and appropriately located commercial and residential activities. Encourage the vitality of existing firms, provide an attractive climate for complementary ventures, and offer a positive environment for adjacent neighborhoods.
    • Enhance the function of the Central Eastside Industrial District (CEID) as an incubator for new industrial and commercial business.
    • Increase the attractiveness of the area as an industrial center, particularly for specialty manufacturing and distribution firms desiring convenient access to regional transportation networks.
    • Enhance opportunities for existing firms by providing industrial sanctuaries for certain industrial activities while allowing commercial housing development within appropriate subareas.
    • Feature high quality design standards complementary to the overall business climate for new and existing businesses, recognizing the CEID is both the "front door" to nearby residential neighborhoods and highly visible to Portland's Central Business District.
    • Intensify property use at locations not suitable for industry and increase the number of compatible businesses and retail services along commercial corridors.
    • Improve the transportation system and parking resources to meet the CEID's business needs and redevelopment objectives while respecting traffic concerns of adjacent neighborhoods.
  • Implement the Willamette River Greenway Plan to preserve a strong working river while promoting recreation, commercial and residential waterfront development south of the Broadway Bridge. Increase accessibility to the river and enhance greenway areas as a public resource, and improve the environmental quality of life for adjacent and nearby neighborhoods.