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Request for Interest (RFI): ODOT Eastbank Properties

The City of Portland is seeking qualified development teams, including possible tenants and investors, interested in a catalytic opportunity in the Central Eastside Urban Renewal Area, Portland’s inner eastside employment district. The Central Eastside has enormous investment and development potential, and we are seeking ambitious teams to maximize a unique economic development opportunity.

The Central Eastside Urban Renewal Area has experienced significant momentum in employment growth and revitalization in recent years.  The district is home to more than 16,000 jobs and more than 1,100 businesses. Creative adaptive redevelopment projects such as Olympic Mills, the Ford Building, Eastbank Commerce Center and the upcoming Convention Plaza Building have elevated this district as a hotbed for entrepreneurial talent, showcased in the Produce Row Initiative. The Central Eastside is also home to some of the fastest growing Portland companies such as Coaxis and the recently opened Stumptown Coffee Headquarters.

The development opportunity involves three parcels of land owned by Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) bounded by SE Taylor Street, SE Madison Street, Water Avenue, and I-5.  PDC is acting on behalf of the City of Portland to facilitate the sale of approximately 2.1 acres of a total of 4.3 acres of land.  Water quality requirements and future transportation needs necessitate that ODOT retain ownership of approximately 2.2 acres. However, there is an additional opportunity to negotiate a lease for allowable interim uses on the 2.2 acres of land that will remain in ODOT’s ownership.


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