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Entrepreneurship & Innovation

As the City of Portland’s economic development agency, PDC supports the growth of innovative startups and scalable, fast growing companies in Portland. Recognizing that companies that start and grow in Portland are key drivers of the city’s economic and job growth, we seek out pioneering ways to foster the next generation of successful Portland companies and lead innovation for decades to come.

PDC is heading or partnering in a number of initiatives to develop and assist entrepreneurs seeking to grow companies with a national or international impact.


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Technology Commercialization

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Access to Capital and Resources

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  • Portland Seed Fund

  • Startup PDX Challenge

  • Business Technical Assistance


Startup PDX Challenge


Inclusive Innovation & Entrepreneurship

PDC is dedicated to growing the next generation of diverse leaders in our innovation economy.  By supporting leaders from underrepresented populations, we can provide mentors for the next generation workforce and ensure a robust and sustainable economic future for Portland.

PDC hosts an event series called Include. Innovate. Invest. PORTLAND (I3PDX) to promote diversity and inclusion in technology and entrepreneurship. I3PDX events provide multiple opportunities to network and connect with business and startup resources.

To learn more about PDC’s efforts around inclusive innovation and entrepreneurship, sign up for our mailing list.  Join the conversation on Twitter: @StartupCityPDX or hashtag #I3PDX.

Industry Initiatives

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  • Techtown Portland

  • A&O Peer to Peer

  • We Build Green Cities


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Startup Resources

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