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Wealth Creation

Disparities in wealth represent the primary obstacle to promoting lasting prosperity within historically disadvantaged populations. Portland’s growing ethnic and racial diversity can and should be a competitive advantage in a globally connected economy; making our economy more inclusive is not just good social policy, but vital to the long-term economic success of our communities. This is the foundation for PDC’s goal to Foster Wealth Creation within Communities of Color and Low-Income Neighborhoods.

PDC supports the growth of innovative startups and scalable, fast growing companies in Portland. Recognizing that companies that start and grow in Portland are key drivers of the city’s economic and job growth, we seek out pioneering ways to foster the next generation of successful Portland companies and lead innovation for decades to come. A priority of this work is to improve access to startup and small business resources – capital, mentorship, and networking – for under-represented populations, particularly women, communities of color, and entrepreneurs from low-income neighborhoods.

PDC is dedicated to increasing the diversity of high-growth firms, improving the success rate and growth trajectory or local small businesses, increasing opportunities for property ownership among underserved populations, and ensuring PDC’s construction and redevelopment projects support the growth of minority-owned firms.

Desired outcomes

Inclusive Innovation & Entrepreneurship Ecosystem – Portland is nationally recognized as a leader in supporting and cultivating high-growth entrepreneurs from under-represented populations.

Business Growth – Thriving businesses provide wealth creation opportunities for Portlanders of color and within or adjacent to low-income neighborhoods.

Property Owner Development – Commercial and residential property ownership provides wealth creation opportunities for Portlanders of color and within low-income neighborhoods.

Equitable Construction & Contracting – PDC’s construction and contracting business practices support equitable wealth-creation outcomes from projects and programs.

Access to capital & resources

Portland Seed Fund
Inclusive Startup Fund
Startup PDX Challenge
Business Technical Assistance
Oregon Entrepreneurs Network
Oregon Startup Resources
Portland Startup Resources
Portland Athletic & Outdoor
Silicon Florist
PDC Financial Resources

Industry Initiatives

Techtown Portland
A&O Peer to Peer
We Build Green Cities