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Neighborhood Business Vitality

PDC’s work to build vibrant neighborhoods is marked by innovation and incubation, transition and transformation, small projects and partnerships that generate large and lasting effects. A wider sidewalk, a safer street, a group of businesses banding together for a common cause: these are the sparks that ignite neighborhood building and livability as Portland’s premier assets.

The Neighborhood Economic Development (NED) Strategy, which was developed with the assistance of community leaders, builds out the Neighborhood and Small Business Vitality component of the City's 2009 Economic Development Strategy. The NED Strategy guides PDC and other bureaus in developing plans, programs, and projects to promote neighborhood vitality and business success over the next five years.

Through storefront and development opportunity grants, direct assistance to community businesses, and commercial redevelopment, PDC invests to improve accessibility and build capacity in four urban renewal areas within north and east Portland neighborhoods: Interstate Corridor, Gateway Regional Center, Oregon Convention Center and Lents Town Center.

Will and Pamela Levenson, owners of Popina Swimwear

Popina Swimwear owners Will and Pamela Levenson show off their new sign, paid for in part by the Storefront Improvement Program.