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Our Work

Healthy, Complete Neighborhoods

The concept of equity, and an economy that sustains every corner of the community, is the foundation of PDC's work toward this strategic goal: Create Healthy, Complete Neighborhoods throughout Portland.

Policies and programs are intended to implement tailored development and place-making approaches within Portland's neighborhoods to reflect each community's unique qualities and interests. Activities focus on building a more equitable, resilient, and adaptable city in the face of economic and natural changes. A community-led, community-driven approach is central to this work, with investments designed to ensure that minority and historically disadvantaged neighborhoods are able to absorb and benefit from growth without displacement.

Desired Outcomes

Vibrant Communities & Corridors - Neighborhoods throughout Portland are anchored by vibrant commercial and mixed-use areas that support local demand for goods and services and result in improved business and resident satisfaction with the community. 

Connected Innovation & Jobs Centers - The region's economic and physical health is marked by job growth and innovation in Portland's numerous employment-based centers, from the Central City to industrial districts like Airport Way and the Central Eastside to neighborhood hospital and university centers.

Regional Assets - Strategic partnerships and focused use of urban renewal resources will strengthen eastside and Central City landmarks and attractions.

PDC offers an array of programs that support the creation of healthy, complete neighborhoods:

Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative & Main Street Network

Storefront Improvement Program

Business Financial Assistance

Economic Opportunity Initiative

Development Opportunity Services

Community Livability Grants

Green Features Grants

Small Business Development Program