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Our Work

Equitable, Innovative, Financially Sustainable

Equity, innovation, talent development, and financial sustainability are central to PDC’s operations – hence its strategic goal to Operate an Equitable, innovative, and Financially Sustainable Agency. PDC is committed to modeling its values to meet the expectations of the public. 

Desired Outcomes

Employee Development, Engagement & Internal Equity – The work environment displays diversity, fosters productivity, encourages learning and growth; employees understand they are the foundation of PDC’s success.
Effective Management & Governance – PDC’s operations are characterized by high-quality management and staff who implement a clear strategic plan effectively and with innovation.
Financial Sustainability & Stewardship – PDC is transparent in its administration of resources and assets, and ensures that public funds are invested effectively to achieve agency objectives while promoting PDC’s long-term sustainability.
Communications, Engagement & Community Partnership – PDC works closely with all communities, particularly the historically disadvantaged, to ensure deep engagement and mutual accountability in addressing structural disparities and creating pathways to prosperity.

Our values

Love Portland
Make a Difference
Do Excellent Work
Build Partnerships
Advance Equity
Honor the Public Trust