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Economic Development

PDC’s leadership in economic development is guided by the first City Council-adopted Economic Development Strategy in more than 15 years. The agency focuses on explicit investments in the fundamentals of economic development: business expansion and retention, workforce training, innovation, catalytic projects and an ecosystem that nurtures entrepreneurs and small businesses. Progress depends on developing predictable funding for economic development and advancing regional competitiveness through a variety of partnerships.

The Neighborhood Economic Development Strategy, also adopted by City Council, fills out the plan to create local jobs and improve commercial districts across the city. With an emphasis on increased city and partner services for small businesses, thriving commercial corridors and catalytic neighborhood investments, the NED Strategy seeks to strengthen from within – building local capacity to drive neighborhood business growth and increase real median family income in the Portland neighborhoods that need it most. Embedded in this work is PDC’s commitment to understand how our investments shape neighborhoods, and how to best align those investments to meet unique community needs and priorities.

In the sustainable economy to which Portland aspires, people live and do business in ways that are good for the economy, the environment, and for communities. Businesses are more efficient, innovative and competitive internationally. The local talent pool is deeper. And social and environmental vitality creates healthy communities and opportunities for residents to prosper.