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Strategic Overview

PDC’s strategic goals for 2015-2020 focus on achieving widely shared prosperity among all residents of Portland by harnessing and expanding the agency's tools for job creation, place-making, and economic opportunity.

Each goal is mutually reinforcing. Healthy, connected neighborhoods decrease the cost of access to jobs and services for low-income people and increase the likelihood of economic mobility; place-making throughout the city is crucial in developing, retaining, and attracting workforce talent; an innovation-based economy that connects with global markets develops greater access to quality jobs for underserved populations and supports the viability of local businesses, increasing local purchasing power; and diversity in business and property ownership leads to healthier neighborhoods and community stability.

Improved access to high quality employment relies in part on a cluster-based business development strategy that focuses limited resources on growing target sector industries that sell to markets outside the region, bringing new money into the local economy. Portland's five clusters - athletic and outdoor, green cities products and services, technology and media, metals and machinery, and healthcare - hold the greatest potential for economic gains cultivated through retention and expansion, recruitment, global trade and investment, and talent development.

Portland is building on a strong foundation. PDC and its partners seek to leverage the momentum of a growing economy and accelerate physical development to foster greater economic opportunity for all Portlanders.