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We're big in Japan

December 18, 2013

Landscape Design magazine

Outdoor Equipment

Portland is enjoying a cultural and economic moment in Japanese media, with a flurry of print, broadcast and digital coverage that’s appeared in the past several months. With two recent trade missions to Japan and an overall strategy to build exports and advance our green expertise internationally through the We Build Green Cities campaign, PDC is poised to make the most of Japanese interest in all things Portland.

More importantly, this interest goes beyond media, with substantive business development opportunities already in the works. One example: the WBGC Portland team (ZGF, Glumac, Murase & PDC) have been retained to help one of the largest real estate in Tokyo conceptualize, brainstorm, and define a large development in downtown Tokyo. The completion of the project has been accelerated since the announcement of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

While the list below already seems considerable, we may see more in the coming months. According to Daiji Matsumoto, president of Akinai Souzou Institute, "Portland is just getting warmed up in Japan. It will be much bigger next year!"

  • Green Neighborhood, a book by Ryohei Suita on urban neighborhood, green building, and creative culture.
  • Landscape Design Magazine on Portland urban life style and ecodistricts.
  • Outdoor Equipment, Special appendix on fashion, style, Danner Boots.
  • CASA BRUTUS, Renovation, DYI culture. PDX is noted as DYI heaven.
  • ELLE a Table, Portland as a mini gourmet capital. Elle Japan will feature 100 pages on Portland as a travel destination in its issue coming out December 28.
  • Nikkei Marketing Journal, Portland does not follow trends but pursues comfortable lifestyle. Article mentions pancakes (Portland’s SlappyCakes has a Japanese outpost), coffee and fashion.
  • Senken Shimbun, on life style, urban development, sustainability.
  • Popeye, on skiing, outdoor, lifestyle and fashion.
  • Mono Style magazine, featuring a 20-page fashion layout shot in Portland.
  • Coming out in January, the 300-page True Portland Guidebook, produced with Teruo Kurosaki in cooperation with Travel Portland.
  • NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation, “Space Ship Earth” documentary series episode focused on Portland as a model for green cities worldwide, to air in early 2014.
  • Life Style of Portland featured at Isetan, a major department store in Tokyo.