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Economic Opportunity Initiative - Workforce Development

In 2004, Portland launched the Economic Opportunity Initiative (EOI), grounded in best practices and driven by measurable outcomes to help propel people out of poverty. With neighborhoods quickly revitalizing, citizen input focused our efforts on improving individual income and reaching residents who had been left behind.

About Portland EOI

Nathan Powell

Adult Workforce Development

PDC funds eight community non-profit based projects to provide long-term intensive workforce development and support services to very low-income Portland residents. The focus is on short-term intensive training, placement and long-term retention in career track jobs. Employers are involved in designing sector-specific training so that graduates are equipped with work-ready skills.

Youth Workforce Development

In partnership with Worksystems, Inc., PDC funds six non-profit organizations to provide long-term intensive workforce development and education to low-income Portland youth.


Increase the income and assets of low-income participants by at least 25% within three years of their enrollment in the Initiative.


Genuine change requires a significant and sustainable increase in people’s income and assets. It also requires time to achieve life and career changes for people at zero to 50% MFI (our target population).

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For more information, contact Kate Deane, Neighborhood Team, at 503-823-3313 or email.