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PDC strives to involve and inform citizens in decisions that affect our community's quality of life.

Community Engagement  

PDC is committed to using every avenue possible to ensure full public participation on all of our projects and activities. In practice, that means that every significant project will have a robust, fully inclusive citizen advisory committee drawn from neighborhoods, stakeholders, businesses and nonprofits.

In October 2013, PDC updated its public participation policy to tailor our public outreach and involvement to reflect both the agency’s mission and its organizational capacity.  PDC’s main approaches to engage the community will encompass: 

  • The NED Leadership Group. The charge of this approximately 30-member group is to guide the implementation of the NED Strategy.
  • The NED Leadership Group Budget Sub-Committee. This committee reviews PDC’s General Fund and Urban Renewal Area budgets during the budget development process.
  • The Central City Budget Advisory Committee. This approximately 15-member committee advises PDC during the budget development process, focusing on projects, programs, and activities in the Central City Urban Renewal Areas (URAs).
  • Citizen Advisory Committees. As we have done for many years, PDC will continue to create, manage, and staff one-time and ongoing citizen advisory committees to advise and inform PDC on significant projects and activities.

Contact us

We welcome your feedback and ideas on how we can continue to improve and expand our public participation efforts.

  • Justin Douglas, 503-823-4579 or email

In addition to, you can connect with PDC on these social media networks: - @pdxdevelopment