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Green Features Grant Program

We are currently accepting applications for the Green Features Grant Program. 

PDC offers financial assistance through the Green Grant program for the purpose of encouraging small businesses and building owners to:

  • Increase business competitiveness through energy efficient upgrades that lower utility costs and green improvements that demonstrate commitment to sustainable practices; and
  • Promote green innovation by integrating new technology and supporting local green products and contractors. 



  1. Energy efficiency upgrades that reduce the building’s electric or gas consumption.  Eligible upgrades include insulation, heating and cooling equipment, geothermal heat pumps, lighting, controls, and food service equipment that are Energy Star rated or that meet Energy Trust of Oregon minimum efficiency requirements.
  2. Renewable energy technology that is suitable for existing commercial buildings and small businesses and that can reduce utility usage and  impact on the environment, such as passive solar heating, solar electric systems, and solar hot water.
  3. Water conservation upgrades that reduce the building’s potable water consumption.  Eligible upgrades include high-efficiency toilets, urinals, which meet EPA WaterSense standards and rainwater or graywater capturing systems for use in landscaping or toilets.
  4. Stormwater mitigation upgrades that reduce the amount of non-permeable surfaces that drain into the City sewer system.  Eligible upgrades include green roofs, permeable pavers and bioswales. Stormwater projects that are triggered by a building improvement project and mandated by the City of Portland are not eligible.
  5. Related building improvements identified as critical to implement one of the eligible upgrades defined above. For example, electrical upgrades to prepare for insulation or to enable solar hot water; or reinforcing a roof to prepare for a new roof-top HVAC system or green roof. Funding for these improvements shall not exceed 25% of the total grant amount.

A reimbursable grant up to $25,000 but not exceeding 50% of the total project cost may be available to implement eligible green and sustainable building improvements that are demonstrated to result in a direct benefit to a business, including increased efficiency in utility usage.


PDC is proud of our work to grow cluster industries and create greater equity in Portland. The City of Portland focuses on four industry clusters – Advanced Manufacturing, Athletic and Outdoor, Clean Tech, and Software – as leading economic development engines for growing the economy and creating jobs in the Portland metropolitan region.  We are committed to strategically focusing our grant program investments to:

  • Grow our economy through cluster business assistance; and
  • Address equity gaps through neighborhood business growth and alignment and coordination of resources to support neighborhood economic development.

Note: As of January 1, 2014, PDC has committed the current grant funding allocation in the Interstate Corridor URA budget for FY13-14. Businesses and property owners seeking grant assistance will be put on a waiting list until grant programs are reopened, and should continue to work with PDC staff. Our anticipated date to accept new applications is April 1, 2014.