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Green Features Grant Program

PDC plans to launch the Prosperity Investment Program (PIP) on September 1, 2016. This new grant program will replace the Development Opportunity Services (DOS) grant, Storefront Improvement Program (SIP), and Green Features Grant Program (GFGP), which have been suspended in anticipation of the launch of the PIP.

The Prosperity Investment Program will combine key elements of the current grant programs and add new features.  This change is designed  to better serve the businesses and communities identified as priorities in the PDC 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, streamline the grant process for recipients, and ensure investments are consistent with the evolving PDC Long-Term Business Plan.

Please check back with us after September 1, 2016 for more information or call or email PDC staff:

Gateway, Lents, Interstate Urban Renewal Areas:

  • Bernie Kerosky, 503-823-3459 or email
  • Tory Campbell, 503-823-3231 or email
Central City Urban Renewal Areas:
  • Geraldene Moyle, 503-823-3420 or email (Central Eastside)
  • Sarah Harpole, 503-823-3337 or email (Old Town/Chinatown)