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E-Zone Toolkit

The Portland E-Zone is a five-year property tax abatement program. In order to qualify a firm must be making new investment in construction or equipment to leased or owned property within the E-Zone boundary and must be creating new or additional employment. Once an authorized company enters into the program it will receive full tax abatement on all qualified property for five years, consecutively, as long as Annual Compliance with program requirements is met.


Application and Eligibility

Eligibility Process Documents

  • Map your property
    Determine if a property is in the E-Zone. Search for your property address to determine if it is within one of the shaded E-Zone areas.


Compliance Documents

State Compliance Forms

Use yearly for five-year exemptions; submit between January 1 and April 30


(only applicable for companies using CIP-EZ)

Other Information


PDC Policy, State Statute and Administrative Rules

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PDC E-Zone Manager