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For Developers & Contractors

Development Opportunity Services (DOS) Program

PDC's Development Opportunity Services (DOS) Program can share the cost of exploring the feasibility of expanding a business or redeveloping an under-utilized site or building:

  • For business owners the DOS program can help evaluate opportunities for business growth through expansion, better space utilization, relocation, or purchasing a building;
  • For long-time property owners, DOS can help explore development options and provide technical assistance;
  • For developers, DOS can assist when the site is more complex, the economics are challenging, or the area is prioritized for investment by PDC.

PDC’s DOS program can reimburse 80 percent of approved pre-development costs, up to a maximum of $12,000.


PDC’s mission is to create economic growth and opportunity for Portland. In the face of increasing disparities in wealth and income, PDC is committed to helping all of Portland’s residents thrive. Accordingly, the agency prioritizes its project funding and investments by geography-specific strategies and community-defined needs.

PDC uses grants and loans to support the implementation of our strategic objectives as outlined in the City of Portland’s Economic Development StrategyNeighborhood Economic Development (NED) Strategy and geography-specific plans like the Old Town/Chinatown Action Plan and theLents Five-Year Action Plan. The level of grant funding available differs by area based on budget availability and community-defined priorities.

In order to meet job creation, neighborhood vitality and economic opportunity objectives with limited resources, priorities will vary depending on where your property/business is located.