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PDC Fiscal Year 2014-15 Budget

Development of the PDC Budget

Similar to the City of Portland, the Portland Development Commission fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30. The budget process begins in November and runs through June. The budget document serves as a one-year detailed financial plan and four-year forecast which guides how the agency improves Portlander’s lives through business development/job creation, public infrastructure investments, site redevelopment and affordable housing (through the Portland Housing Bureau).

The budget presented to City Council and the PDC Board incorporates comments and suggestions from a broad range of stakeholders including urban renewal advisory committees, Central City neighborhood and business organizations, and the community at large.


PDC Budget PDC

Airport Way (AW)  AW

Central Eastside (CES)  CES

Oregon Convention Center (OCC)  OCC

Downtown Waterfront (DTWF)  DTWF

Education District (ED) ED

Gateway Regional Center (GW)  GW

Interstate Corridor (IC)  IC

Lents Town Center (LTC)  LTC

North Macadam (NMAC)  NMAC

River District (RD)  RD

South Park Blocks (SPB)  SPB

Willamette Industrial (WI)  WI

Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative:        
Our 42nd Avenue 42nd Ave

Jade District
(82nd Ave & Division)

Cully Boulevard Alliance Cully

Division-Midway Alliance Divison-Midway

Parkrose Parkrose

Rosewood Initiative Rosewood

Annual Urban Renewal Report

Budget Archive