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Keith Witcosky

Keith Witcosky

Deputy Director - Government Relations/Public Affairs

Mr. Keith Witcosky is a Deputy Director overseeing Government Relations and Public Affairs.  His team is focused on managing relationships for local, state and federal elected officials, media relations, communications/social media, public involvement, resource development, urban renewal plan policies, and related matters.

Mr. Witcosky has nearly twenty years of experience in politics, strategy and public policy.  He began his career in 1993, spending six years in Portland Mayor Vera Katz’ administration focusing on homelessness, economic development and media production.  He joined PDC in 1999 and most recently served as PDC’s Director of Government Relations from 2006-2011.  Over this period he was responsible for the negotiations which resulted in agreement between the neighborhoods and the City on the initial transformation of Civic Stadium to PGE Park; led a stakeholder committee which drove the 2005 extension and expansion of the Central Eastside Urban Renewal Area, and helped forge the strong partnership the agency currently enjoys with Portland City Council.

Mr. Witcosky earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Mass Communications from the University of Denver.

In addition to his work at PDC, he currently serves on the Board of Directors for the De Paul Treatment Centers and the Oregon Chapter of the Trust for Public Land.